Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) 

Can train out your LOTO system or review and update current system or create one from scratch.

    The key Steps in LOTO

    Prepare for Shutdown

    Shutdown Equipment

    Isolate all energy sources

    Place Locks & Tags

    Release Stored Energy

    Verify Equipment Isolation

    Interface between staff and contractors when LOTO system is in place

    What failures commonly occur

    LOTO devices

    PTW permit to work system
    This can be a two day or one day course depending on the complexity of permits on site and what level of training delegates have received prior to attending the course. There are many types of permits including Confined space, General, hot work, pressure systems, electrical, working at height etc. The course outline is below, but extra elements will be added to ensure that delegates are trained in the clients PTW system. If required we can develop a PTW system